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Our Own Top Restaurant

Rosella Easy Dining

Rosella easy dining

RIJSTTAFEL (6 $ for 2 person)

Our proud to present you

“The Indonesian “Rijsttafel”

The word is coming from the Dutch colonial time.

It is a presentation from the most nice dishes from the Indonesian kitchen.

We serve you for two person private

20 plates of the best typical Indonesian/Java kitchen.

So it is nearly our whole menu-card at 1 Super plate.

We prepare our food daily fresh so our “rijsttafel” is every day different but the basic dish you will find on table are;

“Rosella Easy Dining” is just a short 5 minutes walk from our Alamanda villa’s Rooms & Adventure

We like to join you for walk to the restaurant

The walk is true our country backyard full of rice plants, corn, peanuts, sugarcane,

sweet potatoes and cassava. we cross a nice cool small stream, to the Rosella Joglo,

where your view is again rice field, corn and chili plants at the moment.

The guest that meet Richie before, knows he not only a talented “Chef”,

but also a artist that makes all the painting in Alamanda and most of the decorations by himself. This talent you will see back in the colors and presentation of your dishes.

The menu cart, have for every taste a wide range of choice’s,

and all the Javanese cuisine dishes are make a la minute.

(we ask from our guest a little bit time to enjoy the surround, in mean time we prepare the culinary surprising)

Off-course Richie is more than happy to discus with you the menu, and he and his team are very flexible to make the dish fit to your taste.

Vegetarian, spicy, or like the most of our guest NOT so spicy are the easy things for him, but also he loves to do a explanation from the way he prepare the dishes.

The kitchen is a open kitchen, so you are welcome to have a look and or talk over there.

(it is also possible to have your diner at the kitchen window table!)

“Rosella easy dining” have only 8 tables so we are “small and romantic”

We prefer to have all the time for our guest, because we love our hobby SERVICE.

But also too small for electronic payments so please pay our small bills in cash!

Starters around 2 $ Main course between 4 $ and 8 $ Desserts around 2 $.