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Slowly the world opens again,

everywhere people are working on plans to make the normal

to get life back on track, fortunately so is Indonesia.

But the estimates are, for Indonesia, May, you're welcome again.

The new way to have a holiday,

is in the eyes of the Alamanda team!

Ensuring that you and your travel companions, Enjoy and experience a lot in a personal way!

"With as little travel as possible in the company of other people."

Comfortable, private accommodation, with lots of freedom and private entrance,

Private terrace, small scale, so you feel maximum security.

Transport is also important, a safe flight with a minimum of transfers,

large, well-organized airports, where you feel at ease.

Your own private car, with driver / guide from arrival in Indonesia

until your departure home, THAT IS HOLIDAY 2021 NEW STYLE!

We as a team of Alamanda Villas in Jogjakarta

understand that only too well.

And so make us for each guest a very personal

proposal, with a TOTAL HOLIDAY plan, entirely taken care of.

You enjoy, you relax, you discover, you ask,

and we'll take care of everything, but really OVERALL FOR.

(of course continuously in consultation with you and as flexible as possible!)

Everything in an open and transparent calculation,

That you also know in advance where you stand

this holiday that you've earned more than ever!

Alamanda Villas all inclusive Holiday, with private Butler.

From all over the world

you can fly directly to

Jakarta, Denpasar,

Singapore, Kuala Lumur!

All beautiful new big clean airports.

From all these airports you can,

Very simple DIRECT to Jogakarta Fly ,

a fantastic new airport where you'll feel like

a king and queen will feel.

We are here for you, and start enjoying it,

as long as you want 2 weeks , 3 weeks 1 month 2 months

you say it and we offer you a complete package

with stay places similar to Alamanda Villas ,

with always your own driver/guide, and Butler!

Everywhere your own entrance,

your own private Breakfast table, Lunch and Dinner.

Of course, always at Unique, cozy, and very privately oriented local restaurants,

or as you are with us at Alamanda Villas, by our own private chef,

served on your terrace.

Also at the hotel (resort) locations in West, Central, South and East Java,

North Bali, you can dine on your own terrace!


Upon arrival:

  • Greet you with lemongrass-scented hand towels to refresh you from your flight.
  • Offer welcome cocktails and culinary treats.
  • Escort you to your villa and inform about all the service option in your villa.
  • Provide you with all information regarding our facilities.
  • Handle private check-in comfortably in your suite.
  • Orchestrate any personal accommodation preferences.
  • Supply a sim card for your cell phone to reach him/her when needed.    

During your stay:

  • Make all breakfast, lunch and dinner reservations, ( at home inclusive your stay!)
  • Take personal care of your tours when ever you like.
  • Serve you cool drinks while you on or pool.
  • Serve you lunch on your Villa or on the pool when you stay home.
  • Keep control of the housekeeping regarding the servicing of your villa.
  • Ensure your table is arranged in our, or the restaurant of your choice for dinner.
  • Arrange a perfect romantic dinner for two in your villa or your patio.
  • Collect and return all laundry for you.
  • Escort you to dinner where they have reserved
    a beautifully decorated table at the restaurant of your choice -

Before your departure:

  • Arrange transportation back to the airport.
  • Provide you with information regarding check out.
  • Ensure your bags are brought up to the departure area.
  • Escort you to your transportation and bid you farewell.